Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Web site Relaunch

By popular demand Caramel have decided to launch a fully transaction website!

So we have invested in a new till system and the website is being designed right now.

We are busy adding all of our fantastic new Autumn stock to the system as it arrives.

The new system is quite simply Brilliant.

Already it is helping me to plan the buying for next Spring which I am about to start (that is the world of fashion retail for you).

It tells me which sizes I sell out of most quickly, which colours sell best and all sorts of interesting things. Now I thought I knew all of this just by being in the shops each week but it turns out that there were a few surprises.

What this means for our customers is that now we should have more of the size they are looking for, in the colour that they like and by the brand they love.

If only it had a crystal ball function to predict what next years best sellers were going to be!

If you would like updates on how we are getting on and maybe a sneak preview of all or lovely new Autumn collection, why not follow this blog?